The WORST Class in the WORLD!

The WORST Class in the WORLD!


This week in reading, we have focused on a book called ‘The Worst Class in the World’ and it is written by the author Joanna Nadin. We watched a video of the author reading out one of the chapters of the book and then we had a great idea for a piece of writing…

We discussed what kind of characters would be in the worst class in the world. Through characterisation, the children explored various names which help us picture what the character is like before we even describe them. Here are just some of the names we came up with…

Billy Bookworm- Rumour has it, he has almost read every book on planet Earth.

Ned Nerve- Petrified of everything, even his own shadow.

Daisy Daydream- The slightest distraction and she is off into her own world.

The Tell-Tale Twins- Love juicy gossip almost as much as they enjoy spreading it.

Dennis Dump- Need I say more?

Violet Vanish – Nobody knows what she looks like as she is always absent from school!

Bruce Bruise- Loves delivering a solid punch to anybody who dares look at him.

Karen Kissy- You’ll be covered in scarlet red kisses all over your face if you spend too long with Karen.


The children really enjoyed drawing small sketches of each character, creating names and using exaggeration in order to describe their personality. A really enjoyable task indeed and I loved listening to the kids creative ideas!


Mr. Prior

3 comments on “The WORST Class in the WORLD!

  1. Eli O’Beirne says:

    Eli wanted to comment that he liked doing this activity. He found it funny.

  2. Mr Proir filled everyone with laughter at the end of the lessen

  3. Mr Proir filled everyone with laughter at the end of the lessen.

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