The Launch of our Brand New Climbing Frames!

From this day forward, playtimes will never be quite the same again.

Playtimes just got that little bit more awesome …

Imagine, if you can, the outdoor play area of dreams with plenty of space to play football, basketball, netball, perform on a stage, master the art of the monkey bars (this one is tricky), listen to stories, play music, jump along a tyre trail, climb frames and walls, ride tricycles and scooters, cross bridges and even find a friend on a ‘friendship bench’ .. add in TWO brand new climbing frame structures for both KS1 and KS2 and you’ll be picturing EXACTLY what we can now all enjoy right here at Southill Primary!

You may have noticed that work began on building our brand new climbing frames just a few weeks ago, today was the day that we got to test them both out as we have declared them officially OPEN with a sparkly new playtime rota to go with it (one class at a time for safety reasons).

They are EPIC.  At least, that’s what the children tell us, even if just in their faces.  Both frames have been specifically designed to help develop children’s fine and gross motor skills, balance, proprioception, strength and core stability.  Check them out:

Both frames involve several crossing and traversing points, children can take on the challenge both on their own and in groups. When working together, this will help to further develop their communication and teamwork skills, not to forget problem solving too.  All challenges are open-ended, allowing children to enter and exit wherever they like and to climb as high as they feel comfortable, meaning the structures will also grow with them as they progress through the school.

We had taken a while to put funds aside with this project in mind, they are both fantastic additions to our already diverse and extensive outdoor areas and we are really pleased with how well they have turned out now that they are completed.  It was very special allowing our first classes to use them today, the excitement was unreal as they all had a blast exploring their new structures.

Well done to Year 2 and 6 for following important advice to allow us to use the frames safely too, we are sure that other classes will follow your example.

Yes, we can confirm, playtimes will never be quite the same again …




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