There’s a storm brewing…

In English this week, Year 6 have been writing effective setting descriptions. We have been exploring different ways to add vivid detail and create a sense of danger as this will help us to write our own warning tales next week. Our learning objectives  included:

  • using sentences of three to describe a setting
  • use powerful verbs to create atmosphere
  • use a character’s reaction help describe a setting

We spent lots of time looking at photos of storms as well as dangerous settings and talking about how we could use these as inspiration for our own warning tale.  Year 6 have worked incredibly hard on their writing and have come up with some very impressive work. We even looked at how we could use a colon to join two linked clauses together. Here are our favourite sentences from our writing this week…

Lightning cracked down, just missing the lonesome boat, thunder rumbled and rain raged down, blocking out the glow of a faraway lighthouse. – Fern

Thunder cackled as it knocked over the pylon… – Daniel

In the distance, thunder and lightning crashed down on the village below. – Jack

I froze: it felt like ivy was smothering my legs, granting me a disadvantage. – Isabelle

“Run!” they screamed with fear. Lightning had struck the pylon, sending it to the ground and missing the boys by a centimeter. – Lexi

Miniature boats were swallowed by the wave’s huge mouth. – Ayla

A purple haze lit up the sky as sparks flickered off of the pylon. – Brad

As she got closer, she saw glass had been shattered from the window, she heard the sound of the floorboards creaking and she watched the shadow of the trees swaying above. – Lucie

The storm raged as dark clouds consumed the sunlight. – Alfie L

His life flashed before him: lightning struck the pylon. – Ellouise

Waves thrashed violently as lightning erupted overhead. – Jess

There it was – the monstrous wave towering over the vulnerable boat, threatening to devour it in one gulp. – Ellie-Belle

Lightning struck the tip of the pylon. We ducked down quick: the storm had arrived early. – Paige

The hungry waves towered over the boat ready to swallow it whole. – Mia

Raging waves suffocated the single lighthouse as thunder struck the vicious sea. – Molly

All of a sudden, the lightning hit the surface of the water. James’ jaw dropped. – Faizah

She could just about make out a purple haze in the sky and bright sparks flying down from the pylon. – Sofia

Thunder hissed at the pylon and lightning cackled. – Archie

I hesitated: why had I been sent here? – Izzy

As I entered the  forest, I could see fallen trees from afar, ivy which lingered from every tree and moss suffocating and choking the rough bark. – Harry

Dark clouds suffocated the sky. – Florence

The rain clouds were ready to drown anything swimming below. – Alfie T

In the distance, thunder and lightning hit the rocks like a sudden gunshot. – Mason

Waves thrashed violently, trying to swallow the innocent boats. They were hungry for more. – Lola

The wave leapt to the clouds which were looming above. – Danny

Instinctively, we both ducked down: we heard an enormous bang. – Lenni-Jay

Broken windows let in a draught, the sharp wind whipped my face and telephone wires crackled like they were losing power. – Ollie

Lightning ricocheted off the van, powerful winds crashed and clanged and sparks flew from above. – Lillie

The colour from the girl’s face drained as sparks shot through the window like a rocket. – Sophie

In the middle of the ocean, the monstrous, lashing waves towered over the vulnerable boat, threatening to swallow it within seconds. – Cameron

Well done Year 6 – what fantastic writing! I am already looking forward to next week’s English lessons where we will start to innovate our own warning tale that takes place in a dangerous setting!

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  1. Molly🦒❄️🐶 says:

    Honestly I find English good but at the same time it’s quite hard 🙃💙

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