Time for Tea and Cakes…

Time for Tea and Cakes...


Surely the 1940s couldn’t have been this much fun?!


After saying ‘grace’, we tucked into a delicious wartime tea prepared for us by the amazing Mrs. Aitken. Marmite sandwiches, spam sandwiches (which we know stands for specially produced American meat), biscuits, cake and Smiths ‘Salt & Shake’ crisps all washed down with some traditional cloudy lemonade… absolutely delicious!


In the background, the infamous voice of the late great Vera Lynn (along with a few other wartime classics) reminded us that ‘we’ll all meet again’ after half term where we will be greeted by a brand new topic to get our hearts racing!


To end this topic on a real high, I have put together a video highlighting some incredible moments from this topic!


Have a great half term, everybody!




4 comments on “Time for Tea and Cakes…

  1. Susan Aitken says:

    What great photos Mr Prior! A lovely way to finish for half term.

  2. I absolutely loved the ve celebration it was so fun the cakes were amazing and so was the lemonade and crisps

  3. When me and the other girls helped mrs Aitken set everything up I had a lot of fun placing the different things on the plates thank you for such an amazing afternoon mrs Aitken and Mr Prior

  4. Thanks Mr Prior the tea party was amazing and really fun Thank you everyone that helped to.

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