Time for Tennis!

Over the past few weeks we have been learning some tennis skills in PE.

In the pictures you can see us playing some of our favourite games…

First we played ‘Battleships’. This game is great for practising hand eye co-ordination! The children started off by standing opposite their partner and throwing the ball underarm, landing on your partners battleship. Be careful not to throw your ball too hard!!!

Next we practised pushing the ball to one another. It is really important that we do not swing our tennis racket… we aren’t playing golf! We practised pushing the ball to one another and stopping it using the racket. Another great game for hand eye co-ordination and racket control.

Finally we had a go at dribbling through the cones! We tried really hard to keep control of the ball, not hitting it, just guiding it in and out of the cones whilst maintaining a good grip on our racket. All of these skills are really tricky so we had to be resilient and remember trying our best is is always good enough!

Another great week Year 1.

Well done!

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