Time to Face the Chaser? No Problem!

Time to Face the Chaser? No Problem!


To finish off maths this half term with a bang, the children took part in a mathematical quiz. They had one mission and one mission only…to beat ‘The Chaser!’

The children faced a number of questions about various mathematical problems, such as:






-sequencing numbers


-worded problems


The Chaser in question (Prior the Punisher) simply could not catch the teams as they were being: reciprocal, resourceful and reflective. It’s amazing to see just how much information the children have retained since September.


Congratulations, Year Three. You faced, and conquered, ‘The Chaser!’


2 comments on “Time to Face the Chaser? No Problem!

  1. Ayla litherland says:

    I loved playing the chase it was the best

  2. Molly Foster says:

    That was amazing I had so much fun thanks Mr Prior !

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