‘Tis the season…. to collect conkers!

This week in year 1 we have gone conker mad! In maths we have been focusing on counting to zero and linking this with the idea of taking one away each time, of course, we have been using conkers to support this.

In English we have been looking at true or false facts about Autumn, the class worked in small groups to read and sort the facts focusing on being reciprocal learners just like our BLP character Agent Buzzbee!

You can see some of our amazing art work in the images on this page. Following our ‘Autumn treasure hunt’  we have been using different materials and techniques to paint and draw the things that we found.  We have been talking about seasonal changes and looking for these around the school grounds. We have then shared our ideas through art and the children shared their own experiences from home – lots of walking over ‘crunchy leaves’ and ‘collecting conkers that have fallen’.

A very busy conker themed week, well done Year 1!

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  1. Florence cleave says:

    Cool conkers year 1 ?

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