Trip to the Nothe Fort

Trip to the Nothe Fort


Today, Year 6 travelled back in time to 1939 where they experienced what it would be like living as an evacuee during World War Two. They certainly looked the part, donning caps, labels and gas mask boxes!

We began up on the ramparts where we learnt about the anti-aircraft guns. It was fascinating learning about how many people it would take to operate just one of them!

We then had the opportunity to split into smaller groups and learn about:


  • Rationing in the shop
  • Laundering clothes in the household
  • Strict schooling in the ‘victorianesque’ classroom
  • air-raid shelters and fire safety outdoors


It has been a blast today. It was my first day back after paternity leave and, I must say, the evacuees were incredible! They listened carefully, learnt lots and represented Southill School admirably.


Below are some pictures from the trip. Feel free to take a look and leave a comment.


Mr. Prior


14 comments on “Trip to the Nothe Fort

  1. Thanks Mr Prior!!!
    I hope you enjoyed your first day back and i have a fact:
    As they didn’t have any hoovers or vacuum cleaners back then to clean the carpets, they would take it outside and hang it on a washing line and wack it with this dust remover stick.

  2. Jay Connor Creasy says:

    Thankyou Mr Prior I really enjoyed the trip to Nothe Fort, it was very interesting to learn about how things were during the war.
    My favourite parts was spraying the hose at the fire and hearing the mans story about his teddy bear getting bombed.

  3. Charlie yr 6 says:

    This was a fantastic trip I love it especially the tour of the guns

  4. I really enjoyed that Mr prior.

  5. Thankyou Mr prior. I really enjoyed it today.

  6. Amie year 6 says:

    Thankyou Mr Prior. I really enjoyed it today it was absolutely amazing.

  7. Thank you Mr Prior for an amazing trip. I had such a great day. My favourite part was when we where in the Anderson shelter where we heard the sounds of ww2.

  8. I loved going into the Anderson Shelter !! My heart skipped a beat when i heard the noises coming from the top and the siren.

  9. The school part had a very strict teacher ???

  10. Amelia . B says:

    Thanks for the amazing trip yesterday Mr . P . It was super fun and hip you enjoyed you fist day back !

  11. Lexie(yr6) says:

    Thank you Mr prior for such an amazing trip I loved it it was amazing I learnt that if you didn’t have any washing powder you would get a cheese grater and grate soap !

  12. Thank you for such an amazing trip Mr Prior. My best part was the shop. It looks so different!! Thanks to all the other adults who came too.

  13. I had so much fun that day! When we were up on the ramparts and they said about the american’s giving children sweets or what they call candy i was thinking oh stranger danger wasn’t a thing back then

  14. When we were in the shop i learnt that SPAM stands for speacily proceed american meat

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