Video: Our Message to YOU

Our last ‘End of the Week’ video is a special message from us to you. We hope that you like it …

Thank you for taking part in these videos over the last 9 weeks – for all the super effort that you’ve all put in at home and for showing great resilience and positivity. We just wanted to let you know how proud we are as we look towards further change ahead.

Keep your head up.
Keep your heart strong.
Stay positive.
Keep being YOU!



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3 comments on “Video: Our Message to YOU

  1. Louise Bugler says:

    Oh my, you’ve got me…bawling my eyes out! I thought it was the children who were supposed to be missing school! Thank you to every single one of you, you really are amazing! We are so thankful we are a part of such a special, positive and happy school! Head UP⬆️, Heart STRONG ?

  2. Tiffany warburton says:

    This is beautiful ❤️ Thank you x

  3. Sofia linaker ? says:

    I loved the video ?

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