We are crowdfunding!

We are so proud of our music provision here at Southill Primary. All classes have a weekly music lesson with our specialist teacher Mr Bell plus we have drum lessons twice a week with Mr Hackett and guitar lessons with Mr Waite.  Of course there’s Rock Band, Pop Stars and now Music Makers too!

We’d like to be able to offer even more but our building is just too small and we don’t have the space. What we need is a purpose built music studio for all our pupils to use and enjoy. We have already begun fundraising for this project and our latest idea is Leave a Legacy. Any donations of £10 or above have the opportunity to have their name displayed as part of the original name plate for the music studio. Your donation will support us achieving our dream as a school community and your generosity will be marked with your name or your nominated name being a part of our new music studio.

If you would like to help fundraise for Southill Primary’s new Music Studio with your own fundraiser you can set up your fundraising page through Southill Primary’s fundraising page, please ask an adult’s permission and for their help to set up a fundraiser page on the Southill Primary Good Hub fundraising page then click fundraise and begin setting up your page.

Thanks for taking a look.


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