We Have The Right To Learn!

All of this week during our PSHE sessions, Year 5 have been thinking about themselves and their place in the world, especially within the classroom.  This has prompted lots of discussion about how we learn at our best and our expectations in class, linking these with our rights and responsibilities.  We had great fun seeing who could match the Rights and Responsibilities cards correctly!

It was really lovely as a class to think reciprocally about the needs we in Year 5 have personally and therefore the rights which are unique to us and our learning.  This made it very straightforward when compiling a Class Charter for our Year 5 class!

What a fantastic start to the year everyone, you are all in tune with your own learning needs and those of your class and are all brilliant at recognising the responsibilities you have to ensure this is the best year yet!

Have a look at our lovely Responsibility Butterflies and the Class Charter we created, they are beautiful!

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