We Must KEEP Google Meeting Like This Y3!

Well that’s it then, we made it to half-term! Nice one Year 3, there was a time not so long ago when this day seemed so very far off, at times it felt like a bit of a long old, strange and surreal term .. but we did it! We conquered EVERYTHING and best of all, we did it TOGETHER. We’ve said it before, but we really are proud of you.  Pat yourself on the back (adults included!)

This week has been fun, hasn’t it? We’ve all got stuck into our topics (creating the ultimate human predator was epic!), further explored money in Maths (great resilience everyone) and we’ve smashed some innovative story-writing. Very impressive! We also had our last Relax Kids session with Sian. We’ve SO enjoyed these, they have really helped us to self-regulate by being able to install a sense of calm when we feel a little bit overwhelmed, sad or confused. These new techniques are sure to stay with us for life, so we feel very lucky to have had them and thank Sian for working with us over the last few weeks.

Today we had our second Google Meet session, thank you to all those at home who joined in. It was much more successful (sound wise) than our first and it was so lovely to see you all and to interact with you all again. Highlights included a mighty rock, paper, scissors challenge (Mr Price the Champ is now defeated!), Poetry Thursdays (Online edition), ‘Sock or No Sock’ and a super scavenger hunt.  Mr Price also read us the blurb to our new class novel The Wild Way Home by Sophie Kirsty, it sounded like a story that we’ll all really enjoy, we can’t wait. We’ll do more of these Meets after the half-term break, thanks everyone.

Below are the photos that have been sent in to us and also those taken at school, including a few of the raps created by children at home. You’ve got great rhythm!

Enjoy the break everybody, stay safe, well and keep smiling. You’re pretty good at that!


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