Welcome Back Year 5!

Well, those holidays passed in a chocolate fueled-blur, didn’t they?! What a treat to be welcomed back to class this week with the awesome Year 5s, ready to rock, roll and learn as much as they can in their final term before starting Year 6!

This week we have thrown ourselves into our new projects by looking at different types of farming and land use in the UK; who knew there were so many different types of commercial, market and personal farming in one country?!  Have look a the different ones we found! We also decided which areas would be best for an allotment based on the data we were given.  Do you think we made the right choices?

We also had our PSHE day for the new term and looked at self-esteem, raising our positivity and Internet safety.  Have a look at our reciprocal positivity sharing and some of the positive and negative points we found around online gaming.

Our maths learning on fractions moved onto percentages this week and and we can proudly say we now know how to work out 18/75 as a percent!  Ask us…

Add in some regular reading, speech punctuation practice, exciting assemblies and a new start to our Outdoor Athletics PE Unit and I think you’ll agree, it was a jam-packed first week back!

Have a brilliant Bank Holiday and we’ll see you on Tuesday 3rd ready for more fabulous fun in Year 5!

2 comments on “Welcome Back Year 5!

  1. Molly Foster says:

    I’m really enjoying our new topic

  2. I’m glad you are Molly!

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