Wellbeing Wizards’ Weekly

Today we learned about our stress buckets. Did you know we all have a stress bucket? We all experience stresses – they go into our bucket. It’s important not to let the bucket overflow – we have to turn on the taps to let the stress flow out.

We talked about some of the things that make us feel stressed –

  • getting things wrong
  • too many people talking at once
  • being late for school or clubs
  • not being able to sleep
  • competitions and exams
  • learning something new
  • siblings annoying us
  • fallouts with friends

Then we thought of ideas of things we could do to turn on the taps and let the stress flow out –

  • riding a bike
  • crafting
  • laying down
  • watching tv
  • reading
  • drinking some water
  • counting
  • taking deep breaths
  • yoga
  • chatting to a friend
  • writing things down
  • origami

You can have a go at this activity at home. It may really help you to manage your stress.

We also practised some finger breathing as an important technique for relieving stress.

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