We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday!

From last night’s Guardian..

Theatre Review: We’re all Going on a Summer Holiday – The Southill School Hall Stage

The hall was abuzz with excited parental chatter as anticipation for this year 5/6 show built to almost unbearable levels. And then, the show began!

The audience were treated to a very enjoyable show, full of songs, crazy jokes and brilliant acting. We all enjoyed the announcer’s (Evie Best) mistreatment of the glockenspiel player (Milo Wisdom) which was both funny and very terrifying. Certainly I would recommend contacting HR for some advice on dealing with bullying in the workplace, Milo!

As the play developed, the audience nodded along wisely as the cast reminded everyone of the importance of trying new things. This was especially true for George (played by Cory Logan) whose emotional journey to being more open-minded was keenly followed by all. Also benefitting from George’s new found positivity was Margaret (Lily Tidswell), his long-suffering wife, who (belatedly) received some kind and loving words from her grouchy partner. Not a dry eye in the house!

Perhaps the most touching moment arrived towards the end as Dave (Freddie SW) plucked up the courage to dance with his Julie (Evie T), delivering a heart-felt and moving speech of love as he did so. Rarely has the Southill stage seen a more tender tango.

There was so much to look at and so much to think about, it seems a shame not to mention everyone involved! The production team of Minter and Wood, along with their hard-working assistants, have made sure the children finished the school year in style. They have produced a play in which the grannies were glamorous, the dancers were flamboyant (well done, Seth and Lola), the green coats over-acted, teachers were called Miss Belcher and their children were well-behaved. Truly, something for everyone.

A real shame this show was for one night only. A triumph! Year 5 and 6 have performed something magical and, as they remind us in the play, if you try something new – it might just lead to your dreams coming true. It certainly did tonight.



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