What do you MEAN?

What do you MEAN?


In our Maths No Problem lessons this week, we have been learning all about averages. We’ve looked at how we can interpret data from tables, charts and graphs in order to provide statistics and clear information. To help the children with this, we taught them a little riddle to the tune of  ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’


‘Hey diddle diddle.

the MEDIAN‘s the middle; 

you add and divide for the MEAN.

The MODE is the one

that appears the most,

and the RANGE is the difference between.’ 


Today, we primarily focused on calculating the mean. The children were given a chart showing the number of goals scored during a football tournament. Using a combination of addition and division, they hat do indicate how many goals were scored by each team in that group on average.


A very rewarding task considering we are surrounded by data that we must interpret daily! Well done, Year 6.

2 comments on “What do you MEAN?

  1. I love this type of maths.

  2. Wills Symonds says:

    I’ve recently got to grips with finding the mean – it’s turning out to be my favourite thing to learn about in maths!

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