To put our learning to the test from out topic about mountains, Year 4 travelled to Weymouth Outdoor Education Centre in order to learn all about climbing, traversing, abseiling and tunneling.


Over the course of the morning, we learnt that:


-Climbing and tunneling is far easier when working in a team

-Safety equipment is essential

-Traversing a wall may help you get around tricky obstacles

-Tunneling will come in handy when the weather gets rough (you never know when a snow cave may come in handy)


The session seemed to fly by and the children were beaming after completing all the three activities. Not only that, but the instructors said that the class listened brilliantly to instructions and showed excellent navigational skills when climbing the walls and crawling through the dark tunnels. Challenges were met, resilience was shown and the children came away from the workshop with memories to treasure! Below are just a few snapshots of our mountain experts!


Mr. P


8 comments on “WOEC was WICKED!

  1. Wow Year 4, that looks like so much fun! What a brilliant day!

  2. Matilda Potts says:

    I had so much fun i wish we could go again.

  3. Chantal Smith says:

    I loved woec it was sooo fun

  4. Woec was so much fun i prefered climbing sideways and tunnling was fun aswell but it was really scary and dark! thank you mr.p for orginising this amazing adventure i wish we could go back some day.

  5. Grace nobbs says:

    Wow year 4 that looked fabolous! Did you have fun? It looked like you all shown resilience.

  6. Zachary Hughes says:

    This was fun 😁

  7. I had so much fun!

  8. I agree Woec was Defenitly Wicked I agrre Mr.P

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