Y5 Innovators Extraordinaire

Y5 had a hugely exciting and creative morning at Dorset Innovation Park. After a tasty breakfast, we learned about what innovation is and then we needed to use all our learning powers to take part in the challenges set.

The robot segway challenge needed children to work well together in a team and think carefully about the rules of the task but also the rules we make for ourselves which sometimes prevent us from being innovative.

Another task had us creating our own levels on a roblox style obby game. This was difficult and I was impressed with the way they persevered and supported each other.

The third challenge involved making a boat from plasticene and there was a prize for the boat that would hold the most pennies. Amazingly, the winning boat held 50p!!

I was really proud of Year 5 today. They were brilliant and really threw themselves into the challenges.

Big thank you to Tim and Colin from the Innovation Team at Dorset Council who gave us such a fantastic morning and even paid for our transport!

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  1. What a great experience for them! Looks like they all had a wonderful day. Thank you so much for organising.

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