Year 3…You’re all Superstars!

Year 3…You’re all Superstars!


The days, weeks and months are flying by. Yet Year 3 are still doing everything in their power to keep going.


The pictures and videos I’ve been sent over the course of this week have really made me proud. Despite the large sunny distraction in the sky, children have still stuck at it and worked hard. To all those who have persevered and kept learning loads, I salute you!


This is the last ‘end of the week’ video in Year 3. I really hope you enjoy it. Thank you to everybody who has sent me pictures and videos. I’ve tried to cram it all in!


As always, I would really appreciate it if you could leave a comment. It makes the hours of editing really worthwhile knowing that you have tuned in and enjoyed it.


Have a wonderful half term, everybody!


Mr. Prior 🙂



8 comments on “Year 3…You’re all Superstars!

  1. Isabelle p says:

    ??❤️ I miss you all hope your ok ?
    The video was amazing well done everyone ?

  2. Michelle Grainger says:

    Fabulous as always!!!

  3. I love this video Mr Prior and I’m happy I seen you yesterday ???

  4. This is the best video, I love the picture at the end.

  5. Sofia Linaker ? says:

    I loved the video Mr Prior ?

  6. Ayla litherland says:

    Wow I loved it I miss you so much

  7. K.harris says:

    Well done yr3 yet again? amazing work & love seeing you all having fun ?xx

  8. I miss you loss and loss

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