Year 4 Invaded and Raided at New Barn

Year 4 Invaded and Raided at New Barn


We were blessed with sunshine for today’s trip to New Barn Field Centre as our Vikings voyaged (well boarded a coach at least) out of school to learn all about their past.

We began by looking at a Viking longhouse and talked about the kinds of materials Vikings used to help them live and prosper. We learnt how the longhouse would have been made and how Vikings used every part of an animal to survive and thrive (they even used fingernails for glue). The children then split into three groups and had the chance to churn and make butter, grind grain to make flour (which proved harder than we first thought) and even made herbal medicines to treat battle wounds using plantain.

After a spot of lunch and a play in the fields, our Vikings ventured back outside to look at Viking weaponry! We couldn’t believe how heavy the weapons were and how cunning and clever Vikings were at fighting. The children then had a go at making a fire with a bow drill which proved really hard! The children had to be incredibly resilient and so many children were able to produce smoke which we were told is exceptionally difficult to do. We also had the opportunity to learn about Viking runes and we carved our names (or initials) into stone to end what has been an epic trip!

A huge thank you to New Barn for such a great day, thank you to parents who have bought and made some fantastic costumes, thank you to Mrs Aitken and Mrs Murray for all of your help and, of course, thank you to Year 4 for representing your tribe (Southill) impeccably.

This trip has really concluded our topic in style and we hope you all have a cracking half term!

Mr P


2 comments on “Year 4 Invaded and Raided at New Barn

  1. I had such a great day today. I loved learning how to make butter and medicine. It was fun for us all to dress up and run around at New Barn.

  2. Fleur Gammon says:

    This was my favourite school trip😍😃😀.

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