Year 5 and The Sky at Night.

Wow, Year 5! What a fabulous evening we have spent under the stars (-ish!) We were all so excited and started our evening looking at some deep space photographs to get our Stargazing juices flowing.

We then spent some time making some constellation crafts and studying the phases of the moon in a unique way!  We also prepared some red-light torches to help our night vision outside.

To finish our evening, we took our iPads to lay under the clouds and study what we would have been able to see using a StarWalk app.  However, at just the right moment, the clouds parted and we saw Cassiopeia poking through, then Orion, then Cygnus and then, right before our eyes, the International Space Station flew overhead!  Some yummy marshmallows completed our evening and lots of torch walks back home.

What a fantastic introduction to Stargazing and study of the constellations.  I know you will all be enthused and want to carry this on further whenever the clouds and weather will allow!

Many thanks to you all for joining us and special thanks to Mrs Wallis, Mrs Randall and Mrs Fuller for your time to help us!


4 comments on “Year 5 and The Sky at Night.

  1. i had so much fun i hope everyone elese had as much fun as i did we were so lucky we saw stars and a space station

  2. Same I agree it was so fun

  3. I loved it

  4. Amie and Mylo dog says:

    i agree too

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