Year 5’s Peppery Butternut Soup!

It’s here! The moment you have been waiting for! The grand reveal of Year 5’s Soup of The Year!

We have been working hard in our Food Technology Project, Eat The Seasons, and after our excellent tasting and sampling of seasonal produce last term, this week we have designed our very own Year 5 soup.

We considered the amount of ingredients we needed, the methods used to cook and prepare the soup and the timings it would take. Using our nutritional information sheet, we calculated how healthy our soup would be and worked out how many portions we could allocate.

This afternoon we thought about Health and Safety guidelines to keep ourselves clean and safe while preparing food for consumption. So after the surfaces were cleaned, hands were washed and the vegetables were prepared, we had the time to peel, chop and dice the carrots, butternut squash, peppers and asparagus ready for cooking. Along with a vegetable stock cube, all ingredients and some water went into the soup maker and 24 minutes later, we had what can only be described as The Best Soup Ever!

The smell was tantalising, it looked creamy and flavoursome and when we tasted some, well, we loved it!

Here are some of our verdicts:

“Fluffy and creamy texture”

“It was full of flavour and yummy!”

“The pepper made it really sharp.”

The recipe is simple, to make 4x bowls of soup you will; need:

  • 1 butternut squash
  • 8 carrots
  • a 5th of a red, yellow and orange pepper each
  • 5 asparagus spears

Peel, chop or dice the vegetables, boil them in water for about 20 minutes, then combine them with a food mixer, serve and enjoy! We certainly did!

2 comments on “Year 5’s Peppery Butternut Soup!

  1. We tried making some of this soup at home too. It’s very good, what a great recipe year 5!

  2. Mikey Number1 Stockley Number1 says:

    Yes it was so good and we will be making it at home as well it was really nice at school so it might be good at home
    Year 5

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