Year 6 Dissect Hearts!

To round up our learning on the circulatory system, Year 6 took part in a very exciting activity – a heart dissection!

Pupils took the role of super surgeons and scientists as they dissected and explored different parts of the heart. They started by observing the heart and discussing how big the muscle walls and why this is so important – our heart needs to be strong in order to pump blood continuously around our body. They then identified the four chambers as well as the vena cava (which is a vein that blood enters the heart through), as well as the aorta (which takes blood away form the heart).

Whilst we weren’t dissecting hearts, the children completed some activities in the classroom which involved learning about the different types of blood vessels we have in our body (such as arteries, veins and capillaries), and drawing detailed diagrams of a heart.

Well done Year 6! What a fantastic way to end our Science unit!



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