Year 6 Have Their Fingers on the Pulse!

As part of our topic, Blood Heart, pupils in Year 6 have been spending their mornings researching the heart and the human circulatory system. They’ve already uncovered some fascinating facts. Did you know for instance that the human body contains 60,000 miles of blood vessels?! This afternoon the children recorded their heart rates while at rest and then did something really interesting with the information. They investigated whether classmates with slower resting heart rates are faster runners by measuring and recording the time each pupil took to complete a 50m sprint. This done, they plotted their results on a scatter graph and drew a ‘line of best fit’ to show the relationship between the two sets of data. Since a slower heart rate suggests a healthier heart we expected to see those with a low BPM recording faster times on the running track. Our data tended to confirm this but like all good scientists we may need to repeat our test before a final conclusion can be reached!



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