Year Six…You’ve Been SUPERB!

Year Six…You’ve Been SUPERB!


We may be in lockdown, but it hasn’t diminished our spirits or our attitude towards learning. I have been so unbelievably impressed with how the pupils in Year 6 have stepped up to the plate since we were hit with the news that remote learning will once again take place. From sketching the Titanic to character descriptions, TT Rockstars to sporting challenges, the children have certainly kept busy and have worked exceptionally hard.


Speaking of TT Rockstars….The scores are in. I can reveal that we in fact….WON!

As you can see, it was an extremely close contest, but in the end, your determination has resulted in us winning by 4 points! I would like to give a special shout out to Nell who has worked her socks off in order to help us win, racking up 10,000 points to help bolster our class average. I would also like to thank Year 5 who took us to the wire. Brace yourselves though as next week, we will be forming one team in order to take on another school! Stay tuned and be prepared…



Finally, thank you to those of you who sent in your snaps; it’s lovely to see your faces! If you haven’t sent me a photograph this week, don’t panic! I intend on doing a blog every Friday in order to keep in touch so please feel free to send me a picture to feature in next week’s post.


For now, have an incredible weekend! Stay safe, stay happy and stay active.


Mr. Prior 🙂


6 comments on “Year Six…You’ve Been SUPERB!

  1. WOW !!!!! amazing we won.

  2. Yay! All of the photos are amazing. It is lovely to see all of your faces again, especially because of lockdown.

  3. Well done everyone.

  4. Well done year 6 😀

  5. Christine Curtis says:

    Lovely pics. Brilliant that you are all working so hard. Thank you yr 6 and Southill school. Teachers staff and students you are all amazing. Checking your website has helped me feel in touch with the world for last 10 months. Mrs Curtis (nell’s nanna)

  6. Amie and Mylo dog says:

    wow them pictures are really good!

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