Year Three, You’ll Go Down in History!

Year Three, You’ll Go Down in History!


Well, what can I say? Today Year Three were a class once more using Zoom in order reminisce and share fond memories of our time together this academic year.


For those of you who were unable to be with us, I’ve shared both the poem I wrote and a little picture montage of all the cracking moments we’ve had during our time together in Year 3.


Kids…thank you for making this such an amazing year! I’m so sorry that it was cut short, but I hope that the time we did share together was fun for you all. Keep working hard over the coming days and have an absolutely awesome summer!


Mr. Prior 🙂



Year Three


Some may look back at this year,

And think that it’s one to forget.

Well I can tell you right now,

It’s not one that I regret.



This wonderful class were faced with challenges,

They tackled them with no fear at all.

COVID-19 came at Year 3,

And yet we still had a ball!



These kids have something you cannot teach,

They have determination, resilience and grit.

They have pushed themselves to the absolute max,

And that’s the end of it.



I’ve watched your children learn and grow,

And improve from day-to-day.

We hope that all the things we’ve done,

Have helped in some small way.



Parents- you have been so supportive,

You’ve done everything and more.

Having you all on-board and keen,

Resulted in a year that I adore.



Kids- I am proud of each and every one of you,

You are all cheeky and clearly crazy!

Nobody could every describe a member in this class,

As being hard-work, frustrating or lazy.



We’ve had a blast this year,

Do you all remember Bugfest?

Seeing Nick pull out that tarantula,

Really put my courage to the test…



And then who could forget WOEC,

Where we learnt all about climbing to the peak.

Climbing, tunnelling and abseiling,

We wanted to go back the following week!



How about our work on Macbeth?

What a shame we couldn’t put on a play.

You would have smashed it out of the park,

When it came to performance day.



But let’s not forget our harvest performance,

Where you sang ‘Count on Trees’.

Along with our Christingle service,

Which was so crammed, people had to watch on their knees!



I really loved our swimming lessons,

You glided through the water,

You swam like sharks and dolphins,

Your parents we’re certainly proud of their son or their daughter. 



We’ve read some cracking stories together,

From the Iron Man to Podkin One-Ear.

When the Pevensie children defeated the Witch,

We couldn’t help but cheer.



My favourite part this year however

Is getting to know all of you,

You all mean the world to me

And I hope you feel the same too.



It’s with real happy memories,

That we’ll send them out the door.

With great hope and expectations,

For what next year will hold in store.



I’m delighted I got to be your teacher,

I’ve come to love you so,

I can’t believe the end is near,

How fast did that time go?



One thing I’ve tried to teach you

To last your whole life through,

Is to know that you are incredible

Just because, you are you!



Remember though I’m no longer your teacher,

You can always come and see me.

Telling me about your school day or weekend,

Would make me as happy as can be.



I hope you enjoy your summer,

The year has reached its peak.

Mr. Prior’s class…you are dismissed,

Although I’d love a least another week!




5 comments on “Year Three, You’ll Go Down in History!

  1. Florence Cleave ? says:

    What a great zoom call, it was great to see everyone, and Mr Prior and Mrs Walkinshaw.
    The poem was great and the video made my mum cry!
    Thank you for all you have done for year 3 Mr P and Mrs W.
    Can’t wait to get back to school in September.

  2. Mia Gillicker says:

    it was great i really had fun. i was crying it was so sad that Mr p is not our teacher any more. love the zoom chat.from Mia

  3. Wow what a lovely poem and video!

    I really enjoyed our Zoom meeting. Mr p is a great teacher and I’m sad he won’t be our teacher next year ?

  4. Omg mr p u made me cry so hard I needed a tissue I wipe my tears! The video was my fav bit! The zoom call was awesome! I really miss everyone,I wish this coranavisus wasn’t Here 🙁

  5. Molly Foster says:

    I’m Mr Prior I enjoyed that zoom call i just keep looking back at this moment ???

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