You did it Year 5!

Well done Year 5! You have made it to the end of another half term of Lockdown Learning, and haven’t you all done well?!  We are so super proud of your resilience and enthusiasm for your online learning, well done to everyone!

It was fantastic to see EVERYONE on Wednesday all together for the first time since Monday 4th January!  A full class turn out for our Year 5 assembly, brilliant!  We played The Generation Game conveyor belt memory game, we drew on our heads, we shared news and had a lovely video at the end to remind ourselves we are all here for each other and will be back together soon!

This week we have continued with our poetry work writing our own Haiku and List poems, examples of some are below, enjoy!

We have also continued with our Well-Being Wednesday Learning and have thought of new skills we would like to learn !

Our Time Traveler topic has concluded with a creative Time Machine Junk Modelling task, check out some of our Time Machines below as well!

And so we are now on to a week of rest, recovery and recuperation, ready to start again with Google Classroom on Monday 22nd February, we will see you there Year 5, bright and early and eager to go!

Have a wonderful week, look after yourselves, get out as much as you can and stay safe,

Mrs Butler and Mrs Hill.

The river of resilience strides,
Between the memory’s of hopes and dreams
Like a waterfalls currents powering down.

The river of the undiscovered,
Floats under the bridge of hope,
Praying to give everybody ambition


The river of war charges
Into the heart of battle
Like a shot of a gun

The river of power strides
Out of the mountain
Like a roman soldier

The river of friendship washes,
Over the rocks of soles,
Like a wandering spirit.

The river of life splashes,
Down the fall of happiness,
Like a boat in the stormy ocean.

The river of sadness trudged through the rocks of evil
Towards the cave of despair
Like the cry of a weeping child

The river of war charges through the cave of happiness
Towards the boat of darkness
Like the yell of a viking

The river of wishes says
Trough the catle of care
Like a cobras slither

The river tears and cries
By ruin of the rain
Like a soul leaving there body

The river of care leaps
Over the heart of joy
Like a shooting star

The river of hope
Skipping around the clean apple tree
Like in a dream
The river of hope flows
Under the bridge of ambition
Like a wish of a child

The river of love leaps
Over the misery of pain
Like a bird soaring high in the sky



2 comments on “You did it Year 5!

  1. I had lots of fun making my rocket.Also, i enjoyed the google meet.

  2. That’s great Max, I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

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