ZOOMing through the stars to Mars

ZOOMing through the stars to Mars


To kick-off Book Week in style, Year 4 had the opportunity to listen to published author Colin Stuart on Zoom talk about his love for all things associated with space!

We began by learning all about Neil Armstrong and how he was 38 years old when he flew to the moon. It is anticipated that the first steps on Mars will be in approximately 30 years time so it could be someone in Year 4 at Southill…

The session was really engaging. We looked at they key things people need to survive in space – Oxygen, Shelter, Water and Food. We also looked at how astronauts go to the toilet on the International Space Station. It was hilarious finding out that it may not necessarily be a shooting star that we see in the sky; It could be a shooting poo!

We also learnt about why we are trying to visit Mars. Colin informed us that right now all humans are on the same planet. What would we do however if another asteroid were to hit Earth? In order to save the human race one day, it may be necessary to live on another planet…

Colin was really engaging, showing use videos from space, rockets taking off and Tim Peake during his time on the ISS. The children also enjoyed looking at some of his published books all about space.

I wonder what else Book Week at Southill has in store…

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