Water Pong

Water Pong

Sadly, Balltastic Club came to an end today. That didn’t stop us however from having a blast in our very last session!

We began by competing in teams of two at ‘Water Pong’. After a number of exciting (and close) matches, we congratulated Evie D and Indie as they were crowned ‘Water Pong Champions’.

“So what did they win?” I hear you cry. Well, they had the pleasure in soaking every single other competitor outside! Everybody ended up absolutely drenched.

Evie and Indie didn’t have it all their own way however…Two large bowls filled with water were poured over their heads in order to cool them off after their efforts in the competition.

I would like to end by saying a huge thank you to every single child who has come to Balltastic Club over the last few months. Every single children has been polite, hard-working and have done everything asked of them.

Below are just a few photographs of the children player Water Pong. Apologies for the photo quality…I too was having wheeey too much fun!


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