As the days towards the end of the academic year dwindle, we decided to have lots of FUN this afternoon. The children changed into suitable get-up as they then participated in a ‘Water Pong’ competition. Children were randomly assigned a partner and faced one another in an attempt to be crowned ‘WATER PONG CHAMPIONS’. The aim of the game is to throw your balls into your opponents cups and the first team to eliminate all of the cups…Wins!

After many fun-filled games, four teams battled it out in the semi-finals until we were left with only two teams…Mr. Prior and Logan vs Noah and Felix. It was an extremely close final, however in the end Logan and I were crowned champions! The children were then sent outside to be soaked by the champions before heading home.

A very fun afternoon indeed. One more day of fun to go!

Mr. Prior


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  1. I love water pong

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