Year 1 and their Interesting Innovations

Year 1 have had lots of fun this week innovating their own versions of The Magic Porridge Pot – choosing different characters, settings and magic ingredients to make the story their very own.  Beginning with making a story map, they then wrote their stories independently as part of their latest hot task, remembering to use all the items in our everyday tool kit (capital letters, full stops and finger spaces) as well as including exciting adjectives to make their writing even more interesting.

Some of the many highlights of their creations included The Magic Popcorn, Slime, Ice Cream and Glitter pot with characters like Mr Whippy, a tall, rich queen and a thoughtful, but grumpy old man!

To finish off a fantastic week of writing, they made their story into a book and designed a front cover to match.  We were so proud of the thought and effort that they have put into writing their stories this week, so much so that we hosted an impromptu story gallery for parents as they dropped their children off on Friday and we also invited Mrs Wood to our classroom for a special viewing including some of us reading our stories aloud.  She was very impressed!

Well done Year 1, your stories made us smile and as you got to take your books home we hope that you are enjoying reading them to your families!  Here is a video featuring three of our stories:

3 comments on “Year 1 and their Interesting Innovations

  1. Well done year 1!
    Amazing stories ???

  2. Ayla litherland says:

    Well done I especially like oscars

  3. Danielle Thorne says:

    Wow loved the stories year 1! You’re all super stars ?

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