A balancing act!

This week we made the most of the nice weather during our PE lesson. We were focusing on working together in pairs and talked about how we can help each other. The children worked on their balancing skills, balancing on various body parts. They then took time to come up with a balance where they needed a friend to help them. It was great to see how the children cooperated and encouraged each other.

We finished our session with a quick game of Granda’s Footsteps. Again, the children listened brilliantly to instructions and all understood how to follow rules and take turns. Well done Year 1!

2 comments on “A balancing act!

  1. Lovely to see. Orla told us about Grandma’s Footsteps and she has been teaching her younger brother how to play it.

  2. Well done year 1. Rae really enjoyed her PE lesson and loved playing Grandma’s footsteps.

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