A Brilliant Book Week in Year 6

We’ve had a fantastic week celebrating Book Week in Year 6.

To kick off the week, we took part in an online session with author Colin Stuart who shared his passion for science and how it inspires him to write his own books. We learnt about the things needed to survive in space and some fascinating facts about using the toilet in a space shuttle and washing your hair up in space!

In our English lessons, we have loved looking at the wordless picture book Flotsam and using this as inspiration for our own writing. I was blown away by the children’s inference skills as we explored the images throughout the book. The class came up with some brilliant suggestions about the story and how some of the images may represent the impact pollution is having on our marine life and oceans. We spent some time writing flashbacks from the characters in the book, explaining why the different characters were visiting the beach and what they did when they discovered an old camera. Next week, we will be using Flotsam to write persuasive letters!

We also spent some time book buzzing our favourite books and creating Twitter book reviews to display around the classroom. We hope these reviews will inspire other children in the class to read our recommendations.

On Friday afternoon, we had another great online session with author Frank Cottrell-Boyce, who is known for his hilarious books Cosmic and Millions. Frank shared all his inspiring ideas on how to write exciting stories and we heard extracts from some of his own novels.

Last, but most definitely not least, we finished our class novel Orphans of the Tide! We have loved reading this story and we have been hooked by the many shocking twists along the way! On Monday, we will start our new novel Wonder which we are all very excited about!


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