Book Week in Reception – a great week!

We had a great start to our week by sharing two books about animals – The Ugly Five (Julia Donaldson) and 50 Reasons to love Endangered Animals (Catherine Barr). Our provision in the classroom this week will help us to learn more about animals, and explore lots of animal books.

Here we are enjoying books by Julia Donaldson.

As artists, we have created lion pictures using pastels to draw and strips of paper for the mane. We folded, curled and crinkled the paper. We saw lions in our books of the week.

Tuesday – today we used ideas from The Ugly Five to decorate our own leopards. Lucky dip pattern sticks helped us to decorate the animals. We used triangles for the head and body shapes. Don’t they look amazing!

Our most exciting project this week has been making our own paper bag books. We have based them on the theme of African animals. The books have secret pockets and flaps in them. We have drawn animals and scenery, as well as hiding pictures in the pockets. We are very proud of our hard work and will be sharing them with our buddies next week.

What an amazing book week in our class – here is our wall display of everything we have taken part in.


2 comments on “Book Week in Reception – a great week!

  1. Danni Thorne says:

    Wow those lions look ‘roarsome!’ What a great start to book week.

  2. Hannah Ashworth says:

    Oh wow! Looks like everyone had such a fun book week. Well done Reception!

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