A fab few days at Primary College!

In their penultimate week at Southill, Year Six had the wonderful opportunity to visit Weymouth College to take part in three days of Primary College. They were mixed with a variety of different schools so it was an excellent opportunity for the children to try out lots of new activities, meet new people and make new friends.

Some of the activitiesΒ  they took part in included: cooking pizzas, brickwork, cabin crew, first aid, sign language, futsal, live music band, designing medieval castles, summer sports … and so much more!

It was so lovely to see our pupils mixing with other schools and trying a range of different activities. It has also given them a little feel for what it might be like at secondary and some of them even saw friends they had made on their secondary school transition day!

We have been so impressed with how they have organised themselves across the three days and their behaviour was exemplary throughout.

Great stuff, Year 6. Well done!


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