That’s a Cracking Contraption, Gromit!

That’s a Cracking Contraption, Gromit!


In writing, we have been learning all about explanation texts. Today, we began to look at cracking contraptions created by Wallace and Gromit. We then focused on three in particular:

Using cause and effect language, the children had to explain what the invention did and how it worked. The children absolutely LOVED this task and really enjoyed explaining how each part of the machine functioned. The children also had to consider technical vocabulary in order to sound knowledgeable and professional. It was great seeing the children confidently using words such as: high-definition, multifunctional, primary function, articulated arms, internal components, ingeniously, satellite navigation. Some children even managed to write about two of the contraptions in tremendous depth!

If the children want to learn about some of the other wacky contraptions created by this dynamic duo, follow the link- Cracking Contraptions Compilation – Wallace & Gromit – YouTube

Well done, Year 4!




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