Wye Valley – Day 3.

Hello from our final day at a wet and soggy Wye Valley! We had a very quiet start this morning with lots of wake up calls needed! Once we were up though, it was full steam ahead with packing, bed stripping and lugging luggage downstairs.

Unfortunately the weather dampened our plans for the morning and shelter building was not possible. It was replaced however with headscratching and intriguing indoor photo orienteering. This was brilliant fun, a great way to explore our home for the last few days and hone our observational spy skills! The children were really enthusiastic because as you know, we do love a bit of orienteering, inside or out!

For the more adventurous of us who chose to still do so, we ventured out into the rain and had lots of fun at archery! We had a lesson on how to hold the bow, load the arrow and aim at the target boss, then it was up to us! Split into teams, we had so much fun aiming and shooting, with some arrows even reaching the target! It was so brilliant to see the improvement in aim from the start to the end of the session, well done everyone! We finished with an invision game trying to breach the ‘castle’ and steal the treasure. Within our teams, we had to hit each colour target starting with black on the outside and work our way in, in order. It was harder than it seems but we all did it and hit the Gold! Yay!

We can honestly say, it was a struggle when asked by YHA staff to choose individual children who have shone this week as absolutely everybody has had a blinding trip. From those who have struggled to stay away from home but have smashed it, to those who have quietly kept themselves and their room buddies organised, to those who have supported and encouraged everyone and those who have given 110% at all activities, we are proud of each and every one of you. It has been our pleasure to share this trip and the memories you have made this week.

Many, many thanks go to Mrs Aitken, Mrs Hill, Mrs Butler and Mrs Wood without who, this trip would not have been possible.

Now, sleep, have a bath, sleep, eat some dinner and sleep some more. Enjoy your weekend and keep an eye out for spy certificates coming home soon!


6 comments on “Wye Valley – Day 3.

  1. Emily Garratt says:

    Fantastic, thank you to all the teachers.

  2. Becci Dight year 5 says:

    👍I had soooooo much fun thank you everyone who helped at Wye Valley and thank you to Mrs Hill , Mrs Butler,Mrs Atkin and Mrs Wood for looking after us.👍

  3. Becci Dight year 5 says:

    👍 I had soooooo much fun thank you everyone who helped at Wye Valley and thank you Mrs Hill, Mrs Butler, Mrs Atkin and Mrs Wood 👍

  4. Becci Dight year 5 says:

    👍 had soooooo much fun and thank you to Wye Valley. Thank you Mrs Hill, Mrs Butler, Mrs Atkin and Mrs Wood 😄

  5. Becca Sanderson says:

    Thanks for organising this trip, Izzy had a great time!

  6. Thank you all teachers this was amazing x

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