Victorian School Days

This afternoon we took our learning about the Victorians outside and took part in some school room role play. We had some very strict teachers who seemed to rather enjoy being a little scary!

The children have really embraced this project and have been amazed at some of the changes that have taken place since the Victorian era. They have been able to compare their modern day classroom with that of a Victorian school, finding both similarities and differences. I think we are all very grateful that things have moved on since then!

3 comments on “Victorian School Days

  1. Marie Wilson-Browne says:

    Isabella has loved learning about the victorians. She is amazed by everything about the topic

  2. Sam Miller says:

    I have loved hearing all that James has learnt about the Victorians! He has really enjoyed this topic 🙂

  3. Amazing job year 1 Isobel loved it

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