A Few Rounds of Rounders

A Few Rounds of Rounders


We could not have asked for more beautiful weather this afternoon as we took to the top field for a spot of rounders. However, this wasn’t any old game of rounders…it was three ball rounders!

The children were split into two teams and, after a quick warm-up, the game commenced. The batters face three balls and only once all the balls have been faced can the batter begin running and the fielders begin (you guessed it) fielding. If the fielders were able to get all of the balls back into the hoop before the batter got round then they are out. If not, then the batter gets a rounder for their team. It’s that simple!

Despite the heat, the children all displayed outstanding sportsmanship and were even thinking tactically about where the best placed were to stand when fielding and playing to once another’s strengths.

A truly terrific afternoon which concluded in a few superstars receiving postcards for their efforts. Well done, Year 4!

Mr. P


One comment on “A Few Rounds of Rounders

  1. Imogen Jones says:

    That was so fun and exhausting I was very tired after that😫!

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