Y6 Cornwall Residential – Day 2

It’s been another brilliant day!

We were up with the lark (well some of us were up well before the lark but the less said about that the better!) and after a scrummy breakfast of croissants, pain au chocolat, cereals, yogurt, toast and fruit we headed off down to St Ives.

At The Leach Pottery we had a tour around the museum, learned how to make a pinch pot and how to attach a handle to make a mug. Harder than it looks! Our creations have remained at the pottery to be fired and they will be posted to us in a few weeks. We also got to see Tomoo Hamada at work on the wheel. Tomoo is the grandson of Shoji Hamada (co-founder of the Leach Pottery in 1920.)

After our picnic lunch we took a walk through the streets of St Ives, past Barbara Hepworth’s house and past Tate St Ives until we came to Porthmeor Beach where we spent the afternoon surfing. The children were fantastic and really threw themselves into the whole day with energy and enthusiasm.

We had a late dinner this evening and as I write they are all showering and getting into pyjamas. Mr Mason has made us a quiz for the evening’s entertainment as we are all too tired to walk down to the beach again.

This is what the children said about the trip so far …

Joey: I liked standing up on the surfboard and falling in.

Sophie: I loved how people didn’t give up when they fell off the surfboard.

Molly: I loved clinging on to the board and going really fast.

Beau: I was really proud to stand up on my board.

Jacob: I loved it being so warm in The Eden Project and it was cool when we got sprayed with water. I think it’s great how it shows us how to look after the environment.

Macklin: I loved going in the sea.

Jake: I loved the exotic plants in The Eden Project.

Bella: I loved the surf school and getting knocked over by the waves.

Amelia: I enjoyed the pottery because I felt like I’d achieved something at the end.

Hector: It was great how everyone got to stand up – no one was disappointed. The Eden Project was really clever; the way it inspired people and was child-friendly. It didn’t have long boring names but easy ones like the coca-cola plant.

Myiah: I loved getting run over by the surfboards.

Zara: I loved the pottery. It was something new and I was excited to try it out.

May: I enjoyed The Eden Project and finding plants like the sausage tree.

Keegan: I liked it when the instructor helped me on a huge wave and I went right up in the air.

Eliza: The surf school inspired me to try a new sport and I loved how The Eden Project help animals by creating new habitats.

Freya: I love being on the coach because I’ve laughed a whole bunch of times.

Imogen: I enjoyed learning about Bernard Leach at the pottery.

Molly: I loved building sandcastles.

Beau: The walk to the beach was a nice end to the day.

Macklin: The Eden Project was cool – it’s not often you see something as big as that.

Hector: I loved surfing and now I’d like to try it with my dad.

Keegan: The rounders was fun; I did a brilliant catch!

Bella: Making Mr Mason run in rounders was fun.

Eliza: I love talking on the coach.

Sophie: It was funny when Mr Mason fell over in rounders – Danny hit the ball and knocked him out!

Freya: I enjoyed watching the rugby game.



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  1. Gemma edwards says:

    Looks like a fabulous day had by all. Well done for standing up on a surf board. Very hard to do. Have fun tomorrow 😃

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