A great half term in Reception

Let’s take a moment to celebrate what an amazing half term we have had in Reception.

Everyone has made such good progress and we are all becoming confident learners.

Here is a selection of learning from the last couple of weeks – enjoy sharing it with us.

Continuing our starry night theme, we explored the famous painting by Van Gogh. We created our own swirly pictures by painting on foil using cotton buds.

As mathematicians, we foud out more about numbers 6, 7 and 8. Look at our amazing numberblocks characters!

Every morning when we arrive at school, we complete a writing challenge. Here is some of our writing.

This  week  week  we  are  thinking  about  all  things  cold  and  wintery.

Look out for making snowflakes, winter small world play, arctic and antarctic play scenes, nature books, bird watching and threading.

One comment on “A great half term in Reception

  1. Sophie Murray says:

    A fantastic half term! Eddie’s confidence continues to grow and he tells us more and more about his learning at school each week. Thank you Mrs Puddick and Mrs Kench for your endless care, hard work and dedication.

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