Shooting for the stars

Today in Year 5, we have been setting our sights and aspirations high by looking at jobs that we would like to do when we are older.

We began by thinking about our dreams of what we would like to do when we are older and whether we needed money to achieve these dreams.  There was a great discussion about how money doesn’t necessarily make us happy, but some money might help you to achieve dreams.  Some people thought family was more important than money and material possessions.

We looked in depth at different jobs and how important we felt there were to society.  We ranked jobs like doctors, police officers, famers, singers, footballers and charity workers in order of importance.  Using our oracy skills, we debated our different opinions using sentence starters such as, ‘In my opinion’, ‘I agree with … because…’, ‘To build on what …. said…’, I disagree with … because…’ and ‘I have changed my mind because’.  It really was a fantastic debate and we all remained friends at the end, even if our opinions were different!

Salaries varied massively between jobs, with the highest paid being footballers.  This was interesting as a lot of us ranked the footballers as the lowest importance to society out of our 16 jobs, yet they got paid the most!

After watching a video tackling gender stereotyping in jobs, we then researched jobs we could potentially do when we are older.  We found out the job descriptions, salaries and also steps we would need to take in order to achieve our dream job.

Some wonderful reflective thinking Year 5.  I know that with hard work, you will achieve those dream jobs; remember to focus on something that interests you, you enjoy and are good at! I can’t wait to see the pilots, kennel workers, RAF pilots and zoologists in the future.


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