A MASSterclass in Maths

A MASSterclass in Maths


Length Investigation… ✔

Volume Investigation… ✔

Mass Investigation…HERE WE GO!


Today, the children explored weight. Over the past few days, we have learnt that scales can go up in various ways. It can go up in increments of:








To help us with our reading of scales, a challenge was set. The children would set up their own investigation, measuring a range of items from around the classroom both accurately and carefully.


From water bottles to books, mugs to Mr Prior’s shoes! We’ve…weighed…everything!


I was impressed not only with the accurate reading of the scales, but also the accuracy of their estimating and reciprocity.


The children then answered some challenging questions, such as:


Using greater than and less than symbols, create a number sentences using your data.

What would the total mass of all the items be?

Find the difference between the heaviest and lightest object. 


Another successful Maths – No Problem lesson. Well done, Year 3!


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