A Saxon and Viking Adventure!

What a brilliant day we have had!

Today we ventured out on a trip to New Barn Field Centre and spent the day immersing ourselves in all things Anglo-Saxon and Viking. As you can see from the images below, we even looked the part with our fantastic costumes!

We learnt lots of new things about these invaders and settlers and even got to have a go at some important jobs, including: making flour, butter and antiseptic poultice (which was used to stop bleeding).  After all of our hard work, we realised how difficult life could really be for people all these years ago.

In the afternoon, we listened to the captivating story of how the Saxon and Viking era drew to an end. Our final activity was carving runestones – which we were lucky enough to bring home as souvenirs.

A thoroughly enjoyable day that really brought our topic to life – well done everyone. A huge thank you to our helpers Mrs Wood, Mr Bell and Mrs Harris and to the leaders at New Barn for making our trip so memorable and exciting.


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