A Week in the Life of Lockdown for Year 3 and 4

It’s been a great week in the life of ‘lockdown’ for Year 3/4, we’d like to express our thanks once again to those at home who have supported children with remote learning, logging into Google Classroom, submitting work to teachers and often whilst juggling working from home.  Not always an easy task!  Well done to all our children at home and at school for embracing tasks with great enthusiasm and with the usual Southill spirit that we are all so very fond of.  We are proud of everybody!

Alongside our daily tasks, we’ve enjoyed a few added extras such as the first of five Relax Kids sessions with Sian – taking place over Zoom.  It was really lovely to be able to share this session together (Year 3)  and also very useful.  We explored different mindful techniques to help install a sense of calm and self-regulation, it also helped us to feel more relaxed, which is always an important life skill but even more so during this current period of time.  Thank you to our Year 3 families who tuned in at home, it was great to see you.

On Wednesday, Nick from Bug Fest kicked off Year 3’s Predator topic with another fantastic zoom meeting. He introduced us to some of his amazing bugs from around the world including: tarantulas, praying mantis, scorpions, cockroaches, stick insects, centipedes and … Mr Kill the giant millipede.  It was a real hit!

Year 4 have learnt lots about teeth this week – what is an incisor?  A canine?  A molar?  We are now the experts!  We can even tell you what jobs each of these teeth do.  It’s very important to know how to look after our teeth.  To help us understand why, we looked into several experiments which explored the effects of different drinks on teeth. Very interesting!

Here are some photos sent in by those at home, mixed with a few taken at school during our zoom sessions.  If you’d like to be included in next week’s blog, please send a photo to your class teacher.  It’s really great to see you all!

Well done to everybody and we hope that you all have a lovely weekend.  Stay safe.



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