A Week with Year 1

Another busy week in Year 1 this week. Here are a few of the highlights….

In maths we have been learning about addition and subtraction word problems in maths. As part of this we have been focusing on our maths journals and how we can journal our ideas. This a really important part of the lesson, as we use resources and representations to show and check our thought progresses and our understanding. During this time the adults are able to address any misconceptions and challenge children to prove their answers! Below you can see some examples of from our Journals.


In writing we have been writing up instruction following our planning template. This week we wrote a set of instructions on ‘How to Make a Toilet Roll Tube Octopus’. A huge thank you to all of the grown ups who supported with making a toilet roll craft at home – we have been sharing these and talking through our plans this week ready to write up next week independently. They looked great! Here they all are….

Finally, in PE we have gone football mad! This week we practised moving into space with the ball, dribbling around the cones and around one another. We learnt about how it is important to keep looking up so that you don’t bump into anybody!!

Well done Year 1. Another brilliant week!



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  1. Lauren Stedman says:

    Sounds like a fun packed week! 😀

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