Erosion Experts!

This week, we have been learning about erosion as part of our Coastline topic. After an introduction involving a case study exploring the effects of erosion, we observed a demonstration to help us to understand this physical process better.

We used sandcastles to represent the land/cliff, blocks to represent buildings and water to represent the sea. To demonstrate the sea wearing away the land, we created ‘waves’ and observed the sand crumble at the base, causing the castles to collapse.

During the lesson, we learnt that sea defences are often put in place to protect cliffs and prevent erosion. To demonstrate this, we repeated the activity – this time adding large pebbles to surround the bottom of the cliff.

Returning to the classroom, we recorded our learning using diagrams and sentences to explain erosion and how it causes coastal environments to change over time.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon, well done Year 2!


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  1. Imogen Jones says:

    Wow year 2 that looks Amazing

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