A Writing Lesson to Remember!

Yesterday, Year 6 participated in a very exciting writing lesson led by the famous author Emma Carroll! Emma is the author of our recent class novel ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ and  has written lots of other children’s books which explore the theme of war, adventure and secrecy!

Emma started the session by introducing the class to two of her very important friends who keep her company while she is writing: Olive and Bertie, her two dogs. We then had a tour of Emma’s writing room and got a chance to see where she sits when she comes up with all of her incredible stories!

It was then time to get our creative thinking caps on and start to think about what truly inspires us when writing stories. Emma showed us three images: a dog in clothing, a castle on a lake, and an old rusted key. She asked the class to answer three questions based on each of the pictures. Their answers would then form the basis of their very own stories. The children shared their ideas with her and she was blown away by their creativity. From annual ghoul parties held in a castle to kings hiding secret keys from enemies, it’s fair to say the children came up with some fantastic storylines!

Emma ended the session by answering the questions the class had prepared for her. We got to hear about some of her other books she has written, her choices behind certain character events in Letters from the Lighthouse, and lots more!

We felt so inspired by Emma’s writing lesson that we ended up spending the remainder of the day writing the stories we had planned out!

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