Non-Fiction November

Hoorah, Non-Fiction November is here! As a celebration of all things factual, it’s an excellent opportunity to become an expert of just about anything and everything that you could possibly imagine.  If you know much about us though, you’ll know that we don’t need a special occasion for this as reading is at the core of our daily lives (lucky for us!). It is however super fun to share this skill with the nation, and so together this month we’ll celebrate the brilliance of books as we become Southill Primary Fact Finders!

STAY TUNED for some astonishing facts which we’ll share here, on our social media and daily on our interactive screens within the school hall.  We hope to enrich and to inspire as many people as possible as we indulge within the delights of non-fiction, it’s true reading for pleasure.

What will YOU discover? 🔍

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