Acing Addition and Smashing Subtraction!

Acing Addition and Smashing Subtraction!


Over the past few weeks at school, we have been exploring addition and subtraction problems. We have practiced the standard written methods for both of these calculations and also explored other efficient methods to help solve a broad range of problems.

Today, Year 4 looked at three different methods to solve the exact same problem. Their task was to identify which method they preferred the most and why and which method they deemed to be the most efficient. It was great seeing children discussing the three methods and explaining which methods they would choose to solve the calculation. We even learnt a really cool trick in order to change a calculation so that it involves less or no exchanges but still resulting in the correct answer.

It has been incredible seeing the children explaining their reasoning and sharing their understanding with one another. They are also taking real pride in their journaling. Well done, Year 4.

Mr. Prior


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